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This page may help you if you're looking for information NOW! It may be 3 a.m. and you've got aluminum fever bad, man. Real bad. If so, I hope this helps.

How much should I pay for a vintage Airstream trailer?

Visit this great price vs. condition guide. Weather you are buying or selling, this should give you a good idea of trailer value. Be sure to look at other sites selling trailers to get a feel for current street prices too:

What year and model is my Airstream trailer?

I get this question a lot! Serial numbers are meaningless unfortunately, and if your bage is missing, even worse! This helpful guide may help you narrow your model options:

Can I talk to an expert about my trailer project?

Yes you can. Join AIR Forums and chat with some of the finest enthusiasts online. These folks seem to be happy to help newcomers and old-timers alike. I send a lot of people this link:

Where can I get Airstream parts?

I like to send people to Vintage Trailer Supply. It's an easy-to-use site and has great inventory. They've got rivets, polishing tools, cool awnings, lights, propane tanks and more. I'm a big fan:

How can I hear about the history of Airstream in 10 minutes?

This is the oldest Airstream history site on the web. I visited this page 6 years ago when I first got hooked. Take a peek; it's worth the read: